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Medical Essentials

Certified Medical Experts 

Lab Testing

Medical Essentials is committed to providing continuity of care through innovative and adaptable testing solutions in response to SARS-CoV-2, Flu, RSV, Strep Throat, Hepatitis, Comprehensive STI testing, Drug screening (urine), Medication Management, Food Sensitivity, Annual check-up and other.

Our partners:
High Complexity Comprehensive Clinical Laboratories
for individualized treatments and patient services. 

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Lab Experiments



Get answers to life's most personal questions

We support your effort in maintaining a healthy lifestyle easy.  We are affiliated with accredited laboratories throughout the US.  We have a qualified clinical team with many years of experience in the Lab space.


If you have insurance with high deductible or if you are a self pay client, we are the right solution for you

This testing may be appropriate for:

  • Annual Check-Up Panel

  • STD Panel, Comprehensive

  • Rapid Drug Screen (Urine)

  • Medication Management

  • RPP, COVID, Flu, and other respiratory pathogens

Blood Test
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