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Keeping Your Health in Mind

Me* specializes in mental health treatment and can help with any psychiatric and behavioral need. In addition, we have extensive experience in the treatment of emotional disorders. Whether you're struggling with your mental health or just need a consultation, we're sure we have the experience to help.

Our Team includes top-tier, experienced professionals in the mental health space who specialize in adolescent and adult psychiatry. We provide teletherapy, telepsychiatry, telemedicine, telehealth and life coaching services both in person and online.

We are here for you! Our clinic offers complete TeleHealth appointments. Click on the "schedule appointment" link above or call (305)791-2797 to schedule your appointment. Prescriptions electronically sent to your pharmacy at the end of your visit as needed.

Connect with us

When you choose us, you join a community. We work not just with you but with other members of our community to build a network of people working together for a healthier world.  

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